Binding of Isaac Achievement: Spelunker Boy


In-Game Secret Number

Loki's Horns

Unlocked a new item.
Defeat Lokii for the 1st time
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The Left Hand

Unlocked a new item.
Defeat Ultra Pride or ??? as Judas
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Missing No.

Unlocked a new item.
Complete the Boss Rush as Lazarus
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Maggy's Faith

Unlocked a new item.
Defeat The Lamb as Magdalene
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The Lost

Unlocked a new character.
Removed in Afterbirth: It's complicated
Added in Afterbirth: Die in a Sacrifice Room while holding Missing Poster
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Glass Baby

Unlocked a new co-player baby.
Defeat Mom's Heart on hard mode as Cain
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The Tank

Unlocked Challenge #5.
Have 7 or more heart containers at one time
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A Cross

Unlocked a new item.
Defeat Isaac as Magdalene
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Super Meat Boy

Built him out of meat cubes.
Make a Super Meat Boy by picking up 4 Cubes of Meat in one run; see methods to create a Super Meat Boy
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