Character: Eden

Binding of Isaac Character

Binding of Isaac Character Stats

Health Random
Damage 3.5
Tears ±0.75
Shot Speed 1 ± 0.25
Item Range 23.75 ± 5.00
Speed 1.0 ± 0.15
Luck 0 ± 1
Starting Pickup 0-2x Bombs, 0-1x Keys, 0-5x Coins, 0-1x Trinket, Pill, or Card
Starting Item Random active item, Random passive item

Binding of Isaac Character Achievements

Boss Rush Undefined
Mom's Heart Glitch Baby
Satan Book of Secrets
Isaac Blank Card
The Lamb Mystery Sack
??? Mysterious Paper
Ultra Greed GB Bug
Ultra Greedier Metronome
Hush Eden's Blessing
Delirium Eden's Soul
Mega Satan Yellow Baby
All Marks Completed Cracked Baby
Shot Speed
Item Range


1 ± 0.25
23.75 ± 5.00
1.0 ± 0.15
0 ± 1
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